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Daint Jewellery

Rainbow Moonstone Hoops

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This dainty pair of everyday wear hoops holds a pair of handmade bohemian rainbow moonstone charms; perfect for those who love all things minimalist. Each pair of hoops are handmade with sterling silver and feature a droplet style end. 

Rainbow moonstone can be identified by an effect called adularescence. This is the unique blue flash that gleams when light hits the precious gemstone. Because of the stones uniqueness, each gemstone will look slightly different from the necklace shown in the picture.

As these earrings are lightweight and dainty in nature, they are perfect for your signature everyday wear look. All fixtures including the hoop, ear post and wire are made of sterling silver and therefore are made to withstand everyday wear. 



Product Info

Material - Sterling silver, rainbow moonstone

Sizing - 15mm sterling silver earhoops with butterfly backs, rainbow moonstone in approx 6mm.